The Noble Krewe of Hathor
   Who is Hathor? According to Egyptian myth and lore, Hathor was the goddess of love  
and mirth. Members of The Noble Krewe of Hathor exhibit an extreme fondness for life,  
love and fun. One of the temples of Hathor was located in Memphis, Egypt. It is fitting,  
therefore, that we take the name of this Egyptian goddess as our own.

   Life is not all fun and games and neither is life within the Krewe . We have a serious  
side as well. Along with the ideal that there must be pleasure in life so must we also  
realize that there are those who are less fortunate than ourselves. The members of The  
Noble Krewe of Hathor extend the loving arms of compassion to those needing our  
help. That is why each year the net proceeds of the funds raised through projects are  
donated to a charity of the Krewe's choosing. The Noble Krewe of Hathor is a  
recognized 501(c)(3) organization. The members of the Krewe worked hard to fulfill the  
requirements to be given this status by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations of cash  
and goods/services to the Krewe are tax deductible. This is good for us, for our charity  
and for our donors.

   The members of the Krewe elect a Pharaoh (Ra) and a Queen (Het-Hert) each year who  
will be crowned at and reign over the Annual Festival which is the highlight of the  
Krewe's year and a final opportunity to raise money for the Krewe's charity. The Festival  
is held in August to commemorate the birth of Hathor and is complete with a Noble  
Court and a parade of costumes that follow the theme selected by Pharaoh Ra and  
Queen Het-Hert. The Festival is also a means by which the members of The Noble  
Krewe of Hathor say thank you to all the businesses and individuals who have helped  
and supported the Krewe throughout the year.

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Join us at Texas Roadhouse on Thursday, November 10 for a fundraiser benefiting The Savior Foundation. See our Coming Events page for more information.
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The Noble Krewe of Hathor
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